LMI for Kern County, California

The files listed below are for Kern County, California, which is also known as the Bakersfield-Delano Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).

Questions about these data and the local area economy may be addressed to the local Labor Market Consultant.

Summary Reports

  • Local Area Profile
    An overview of local labor market information including employment and unemployment, industry data, wages, consumer price index and more!

Unemployment Rates and Labor Force

Industry Employment Data

  • Projections of Employment by Industry:

  • Detailed Industry Data – Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages
          Based on NAICS Classification:
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              (data across geography)

  • Major Employers by County

  • Quarterly Workforce Indicators

  • Size of Business – Businesses by Employment Size, Industry, and County

  • Staffing Patterns by Industry and Occupation

  • Agricultural Employment in California is produced monthly for California and six regions in the state.  Kern County is in the San Joaquin Valley Region.

  • Additional Industry Information
  • Occupational Data

    Economic Indicators

    Data for Affirmative Action/EEO Plans

    2000 Census population, labor force data, and summary occupational information for use in developing affirmative action programs, also known as Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO).

    WIA Planning Information Packet

    • Kern County
      Planning Information Packets were developed from a variety of sources to aid local organizations in identifying target group needs and in making appropriate resource allocations for employment and training activities.